11 Ideas for Cooling Relief in Your Patio

Patios are the perfect backyard spot to enjoy the warm weather outside, have fun, or eat with family and friends. But extreme summer heat can make even the most beautiful patio uncomfortable.

As temperatures skyrocket and hot summers become more common, it’s important to know how to stay cool when spending more time in your backyard. Here are some ideas for keeping your outdoor retreat as cool and comfortable as possible.

Give priority to the shadow

Make sure your patio is adequately shaded. There are several options: you can use umbrellas, put up an awning, build a pergola, gazebo or arbor, and even cast green shade.

Use patio umbrellas!

The easiest option is to use patio umbrellas. Whether you are reading or dining outdoors with family and friends, your patio umbrellas can help you cool off. They keep the ultraviolet rays off of you so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Buy a freestanding patio umbrella that you can move around as you please, or one that fits in the center of your patio table while you eat or entertain guests.

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Put up an Awning

Another easy way to cool off in your yard this summer is to add a patio or porch awning. This way, you can provide instant shade and cool down your garden with minimal effort. By opening your awning in the morning, you can control the heat in that area and create a cool space to work and hang out in throughout the day.

Awnings don’t have to take up your entire backyard, as they come in many different styles. They’re perfect for an outdoor meal with the family or for creating a stylish area to host your family and friends.

An awning will also protect your home from the midday sun, which will help keep your home cool and allow you to go inside when you’re done outside with intolerable heat.

Build a pergola, gazebo or arbor

Building a pergola, gazebo, or garden arbor is quite doable for a skilled do-it-yourselfer. For those who are not so confident, there are kits available, or you can hire a local carpenter to build a pergola for you. If you choose the latter, keep in mind that you will need some sort of design, although the carpenter will be able to work out the specifications for the actual structure.

If designed and built well, one of these garden structures can add a touch of elegance to your garden. However, be mindful of the predominant garden style – a Chinese-style arbor in a traditional English cottage garden will likely look odd.

Cooling Relief in Your Patio with pergola

What’s the difference between these garden structures?

  • Pergola is a garden structure with posts, usually made of wood, sometimes with masonry piers. Cross braces hold the posts together and provide support for climbing plants. Pergolas are often attached to a house or garden wall to provide shade on a patio. They are also joined together to form a shaded walkway, historically known as a tunnel arbor. Garden full of flowering plants, garden design, planting design, garden project, pergola, patio decking, artificial grass, edible ornamental gardens,
  • Garden arbor – there are two common definitions of a gazebo. First, it is a permanent structure that is generally octagonal in shape, has a pitched roof, and is open on the sides. Older structures may be metal and ornate. Second, modern usage describes a portable, tent-like structure made of canvas or plastic. It is used at outdoor events, backyard family gatherings, etc., and provides temporary shelter from the sun (or rain!). Historically, gazebos were also a type of built-in garden shed, often located in a corner of the garden overlooking the landscape.
  • Gazebo – it resembles a pergola but is freestanding. Usually with a curved or arched “roof” and often with built-in seating.

Cast Green Shade

Don’t just add sails and umbrellas to your garden; add some natural shade. If you have an arbor or trellis, check out this list of nine great climbing plants that grow and bloom quickly. Don’t you have an arbor in your garden? Build your own arbor with these easy step-by-step instructions.

If you want to tackle a bigger project, plant trees in your yard. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the shade and evapotranspiration (the process by which a plant actively moves and releases water vapor) from trees can lower ambient air temperatures by up to 6° F, while air temperatures directly under trees can be lowered by up to 25° F. This makes sense when you consider how cool it’s to stand under a leafy tree, doesn’t it?

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Install a Misting System

A misting system cools the air and can lower the temperature around you. A misting system can also serve as an irrigation system for your garden. However, the best benefit of a sprinkler system is that you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter how hot it is.

Evaporative cooling, or adiabatic cooling, is the best-known application of high-pressure water spraying (misting). The process of evaporation of water absorbs energy (heat) from the environment, lowering the temperature.

This outdoor cooling system is perfect for backyard barbecues, pool parties or cocktail parties. There is nothing more refreshing than feeling a light mist on your skin when there is no summer breeze to relieve you of the heat and humidity.

Use Fans to Create Your Own Breeze

Fans create a cooling breeze and direct the refreshing airflow exactly where you want it. There are outdoor and indoor misting fans. Outdoor fans are made of sustainable materials; they are waterproof, rustproof, UV-resistant, and operate on 24 V DC – much lower than household voltage, for your safety.

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You can also opt for portable fans – a portable neck air conditioner that you hang around your neck – to cool your neck so you do not sweat and to direct cool air to the pulse points of your neck and face. You can use small table fans that you place on the table or attach to the railing with a clamp or tripod.

Choose Furniture Designed for Warm Weather

The best materials for withstanding extreme heat are synthetic resin and teak. They can withstand intense sunlight. Plus, synthetic resin can be cooled quickly with a splash of water, while teak typically doesn’t retain as much heat as cast aluminum or wrought iron.

Build a Retractable Shield

Retractable umbrellas offer UV protection to keep you cool and comfortable, and they keep bugs out when you’re in the middle of eating or entertaining guests. Best of all, you can still enjoy the fresh air outside. The umbrella can be opened and closed when you want to get out in the sun.

Use Rugs / Paint

When it gets blisteringly hot on the patio, a durable outdoor rug is a lifesaver to protect delicate bare feet. Be sure to choose an all-weather rug and store it during the winter months to keep it in good condition. You can also paint your concrete patio to prevent it from absorbing some of the sun’s rays.


Install a Pool

Take a dip in your own backyard with an in-ground pool. This garden accessory not only provides cooling but also increases the value of your home and is convenient when you receive guests. You need to decide which form of pool will best fit the design of your terrace and the style of your house.

Build an Outdoor Bar

One of the easiest ways to stay cool in the summer is with chilled drinks. Install a bar on your patio to make entertaining guests a breeze and have a cool place to keep drinks. A fun way to keep drinks cool is to fill colorful water balloons, freeze them, and place them in buckets or glass containers.

Stay Hydrated

Daily hydration has always been important, but it’s even more important when temperatures are above 25 degrees. Our bodies lose fluid when we sweat. That’s why it’s even more important that we take in more fluids than we would on a normal day.

Cold drinks in Your Patio

It may sound strange, but hot drinks help you cool down. They do this by forcing your body to sweat more, which cools you down faster. However, avoid coffee, as it contains ingredients that naturally dehydrate the body, which will inevitably make you feel worse. Any fluid is better than no fluid, so make sure you consume plenty of water and fluids.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Make sure the clothes you wear in the summer are loose-fitting and light in color. Fibers like cotton and linen are ideal in summer because they are breathable and absorb sweat.

Wear comfortable sandals over socks and sneakers to keep your feet from sweating in the sun, which is very important since this is one of the places where our bodies absorb heat. Make sure you wear sunglasses and a sun hat and apply sunscreen every few hours to avoid burns and sunstroke.

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Choose the right time of day

It’s tempting to go out in the garden during the hottest part of the day, but that’s actually one of the worst times to go outside. Even with added shade, the humidity will raise your body temperature and make you feel hotter.

If you’ve created a cool spot in the shade in the early morning hours, you can use it, but it wouldn’t be wise to stay outside too long during peak hours.

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