8 Best Desk Fans in 2024 [Out of 35 Tested]

When air conditioners aren’t enough to cool an office, desk fans are needed. Whether you work in an office or at home, a desk fan will provide you with cooling relief and help you endure the heat.

Table fans are small but powerful enough to refresh you instantly. Some are battery-operated, but most of them are powered by plugging into a laptop or a wall socket. There is a wide range of designs and options to choose from.

I’ve chosen the best-selling and highest-rated desk fans. I’ve tried them out myself, so you can be sure that the ones I recommend will keep you cool in a variety of situations.

Which is the Best Desk Fan in 2024?


Bestselling – Small, Quiet, Powerful and Cheap Desk Fan



Mini USB 360° Rotating Desk Fan



Clip-on Desk Fan – USB & Battery Powered



Cooling Mister Desk Fan with Nightlights



Mini Stroller Fan with a Flexible Tripod



Bladeless Air Cooler with LED Lights



Metal Mini (4”) USB Portable Desk Fan



Brushed Copper USB Desk Fan


How did I select?

To select the fans in the table above, I personally tested more than 35 misting fans. I’ve chosen the top eight desk fans from among them to help you choose your summer lifesaver in a variety of scenarios.

I patiently and carefully study the models on the market because, over time, some are discontinued, and new models appear. To decide which new ones to test, I consider price, airflow, cooling options, noise, design, materials, and an average customer rating of four stars or more.

The Best Desk Fans in 2024


Bestseller – Small, Quiet, Powerful and Cheap Desk Fan

Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force (Amazon’s Choice) is one of the bestselling desk fans – almost 80,000 people have already bought it, and 76% rated it with 5 stars on Amazon.

Honeywell Desk Fan

Honeywell Desk Fan

PROS of Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce portable desk fan:

  • Small and light – 10.9 x 6.3 x 10.9 inches; 2.6 Pounds
  • 25% quieter – than comparable fans
  • Pivoting head – 90° variable tilt fan head
  • Airflow – 185 CFM (maximum cubic feet per minute)
  • You may feel the blast 25 feet away.
  • 3 speeds – Turbo Force for immediate cooling
  • Removable grid – for easy cleaning
  • Wall-mounted (an option)
  • Can be placed in the window frame – to get fresh air from outside.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Power supply – to be plugged into a polarized 120-volt AC wall outlet.
  • Long cord with a fused safety plug
  • Cheap price on Amazon

Helpful review: The Honeywell Turboforce Fan, model HT-900, is nothing short of a cooling marvel. As someone who values comfort and functionality, I couldn’t be more thrilled with this little powerhouse, and I’m delighted to share my thoughts in this review.

Cooling Powerhouse (5/5): Despite its compact size, the HT-900 delivers an impressive blast of cool air. Whether I’m sweltering on a hot summer day or simply need some air circulation in a stuffy room, this fan does the job beautifully. It effectively cools down my space in no time.

Customizable Airflow (5/5): I appreciate the three-speed settings that allow me to customize the airflow to my liking. Whether I prefer a gentle breeze or a more robust fan speed, this unit has me covered. It’s versatile and adapts effortlessly to my cooling needs.

Compact and Portable (5/5): The size and design of this fan make it incredibly portable. I can easily move it from room to room, or even take it on the go when needed. Its compact footprint means it doesn’t take up much space, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms or desks.

Whisper-Quiet Operation (5/5): One of the standout features of the HT-900 is its whisper-quiet operation. I can enjoy a comfortable breeze without any distracting noise, making it perfect for use in bedrooms or quiet workspaces. It never disrupts my peace and tranquility.

Sturdy Build Quality (5/5): The build quality of this Honeywell fan is outstanding. It feels robust and well-made, reassuring me that it’s built to last. The fan grill is durable and easy to clean, and the overall design is aesthetically pleasing.

Energy-Efficient (5/5): I appreciate the energy efficiency of this fan. It helps me stay cool without significantly impacting my electricity bill. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for beating the heat.

In conclusion, the Honeywell Turboforce Fan, HT-900, is a must-have for anyone seeking effective and efficient cooling. Its cooling power, customizable airflow, and quiet operation make it a standout choice. Its compact and portable design, along with its energy efficiency, only add to its appeal. I wholeheartedly recommend the HT-900 to anyone in need of a reliable and powerful fan. It’s a true five-star product that has greatly improved my comfort during hot days and nights.



Mini USB 360° Rotating Desk Fan

Our second proposal – Gaiatop USB Desk Fan – is the best mini desk fan, powered via USB directly from your laptop, power bank, car charger hub, etc. It is small, light, cheap, and 360° rotating – both horizontally and vertically.

Gaiatop USB Desk Fan

Gaiatop USB Desk Fan

PROS of Gaiatop mini USB 360° rotating desk fan:

  • Small and light – 7.24 x 6.02 x 3.07 inches; 8 ounces
  • Quiet – the noise is less than 50dB
  • 360° rotating – both horizontally and vertically
  • Airflow – strong for a mighty gust
  • 3 speeds – to set the optimal airflow.
  • USBpowered – directly from your laptop, power bank, car charger hub
  • Cheap price on Amazon

Helpful review: This fan is no bigger than your average USB desk style fan. It’s 5-6″ diameter.

1). On speed 1 of 3, its QUIET. Air motion makes noise, and this isn’t silent, but the ball bearings are smooth and its as quiet as you could hope.

2) 3 speeds.
— Speed 1 is Near silent, and you won’t notice it (perfect for an all-day casual breeze in your face, up your shorts, etc…
— Speed 2 is made for those of, “I’m kinda hot.”
— Speed 3 is “Phew, I’ve been running around…. finally, back at my desk…. I need to be cooled off!!

(I’m a I.T. network engineer who walks 8000 steps a day….love coming back to my desk and blasting myself w/ this)!

I have one of those re-chargeable external battery USB power bricks that can be used at airports for emergency to power your phone, and that block had zero issue powering up the little fan. I took it to the beach and used the power brick+this little fan and it was a hit.

I ordered maybe 7 USB PC desktop phones over the past 5 years. This little, personal fan is GREAT for the price and puts all the others to shame. stars for doing what it was designed to do!!!!!!!

Again, to be clear, this is PERFECT for 1-2 ppl in a 6 ft. space. It’s made for an individual at a desk. Super quiet, power requirements are easy. But it won’t make a room windy.

Highly recommend!

Amazon Customer


Clip-on Desk FanUSB & Battery Powered

SkyGenius USB Clip Desk Fan is the best seller among desk fans that can be attached with a clip. This is very convenient because you can easily attach the fan to the edge of a desk, a shelf, in a car, on a stroller, fitness equipment, etc. It is small, lightweight, and portable, powered by USB or batteries, so you do not need to be near a power grid.

SkyGenius USB Clip Desk Fan

SkyGenius USB Clip Desk Fan

PROS of SkyGenius USB Desk Fan:

  • Compact and portable – 19x15x10cm (7.5x6x4 inch) – 273 grams, 9.6 ounces
  • 360° vertical and horizontal rotation – to direct the airflow wherever you like.
  • 25% quieter – than comparable fans
  • Powerful airflow – max wind speed 75ft/s
  • Low noise – to not disturb you and the others around.
  • Clip – to be attached to a table, a shelf, a baby stroller, fitness equipment, in a car, etc.
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • 1 speed when USB powered.
  • USB Powered and Charging
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered
  • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery (Flat type)
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Battery Time: 2.5~6 Hours (depends on different speed)
  • Full charging Time: About 4.5 hours
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Output Voltage: 4~6V
  • Output Current: 0.35~1A
  • Power Rating: 3W (max speed), 1.5W (lowest speed), 2W (USB powered)

Helpful Review: I have bought two of these… and there are pretty good and reliable!

I bought my first one back in June of 2020 and really liked it, since then I have used it in various locations in the house for various purposes and it’d been rock solid. I just recently bought another and although some slight cosmetic and port changes in the back panel it seems to have maintained the same quality. Frome someone that now has two of these and has been using one of them since 2020, I would highly recommend this portable battery-operated fan. See my pros and cons below:

– A surprising amount of airflow from this fan
– Variable speed control
– Relatively fast charging with the included USB cable
– Durable and Reliable
– Easy clip and swivel fan head
– Pretty quiet on the low-med speeds but much louder on the high speeds, to be expected through
– Long battery light, uses an 18650 which comes with it, easy to replace with spares when needed.

– A little loud on the high setting, again to be expected for the amount of air it pushes. Maybe a design change to the fan blade with a feathered edge for sound reduction.

This portable fan is worth the purchase!

SilverCore Labs


Cooling Mister Desk Fan with a Nightlight

This misting fan refreshes and humidifies the air in places with very dry and hot climates. It has a container where you can pour water and add ice for an additional cooling effect. You can also fill it with a desired aroma to feel the fragrance while the fan is ventilating.

This cooling water spray fan is perfect for outdoor camping, traveling to hot areas, offices, and bedrooms. In addition, it has a night light in different colors – for more visibility in the darkness of the night.

Mister Cooling USB Table Fan

Mister Cooling USB Table Fan

PROS of EGTWO cooling mister USB & batteries table fan:

  • Compact and portable – 7.64 x 4.37 x 4.33 inches, 14.4 ounces.
  • 3-in-1 action – the mister fan is moisturizing and humidifying, cooling, and with lighting.
  • Increased air humidity without water droplets – the mist is produced via ultrasonic atomization technology, so it is compact and dense without water droplets.
  • Extra cooling effect – add ice in the water tank to have an air conditioning effect.
  • Aroma – add your favorite scent to feel it while the misting fan is ventilating.
  • 3 Speeds & 2 Spray Modes: There are 3 levels of adjustable wind speed (low, medium, and large) and 2 different spray modes (continuous and intermittent).
  • 90-degree adjustable fan angle – you may adjust the fan head to direct the airflow in the desired direction.
  • 300 ml water tank – This large-capacity container can be filled with water for misting, with ice for a cooling effect, or with aroma for a lovely fragrance.
  • 2000 mAh rechargeable battery – for long battery life – 3-9 hours
  • USB port for easy charging – via laptops, power banks, car chargers, etc.
  • Low Noise – the noise is reduced to 40 dB via noise reduction technology.
  • 7 different colors of night light – for a relaxing sleeping environment and night visibility.
  • 1-year warranty – the seller provides one year warranty and 24-hour after-sales service.
  • Input Voltage/Current: 5V/1A


Mini Stroller Fan with a Flexible Tripod

The flexible tripod fan can be used in many places and situations. It can be easily attached to the stroller or baby crib, in the car, camping tent, chair or other outdoor equipment.

It can even be used as a cell phone holder. It will cool you down while you watch your favorite show, movie or other media.

Stroller Flexible Tripod Fan

Stroller Flexible Tripod Fan

PROS of GUSGU Stroller Fan with Flexible Tripod :

  • Compact and portable – 76.89 x 3.82 x 2.72 inches, 3.52 ounces
  • Strong, durable, and flexible tripod – made of high-quality metal and silicone cover to be easily bent to any angle.
  • Various places to use – may be attached to the desktop, wrapped on a stroller or a baby bed, can be hung on a tent, attached to a chair, in a car, etc.
  • Phone holder – may be used to hold your mobile while you watch media or make a video call while you are feeling the refreshing breeze from the fan.
  • 3-speeds – the fan may ventilate at 3-speed levels
  • 360° rotatable -can be manually rotated at 360° horizontally and 90° up and down – to direct the airflow in the desired direction. It is not autorotating by itself like the oscillating fans.
  • Powerful and quiet airflow– though the fan is small, it is really powerful with a 3000RPM turbo motor.
  • 1200 mAh rechargeable battery (built-in) for 3 to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Rechargeable battery – through a USB C port from a power bank, PC, hub, outlet, etc.

Helpful Review: My baby loved it!

This fan is amazing, i bought it in blue and my baby loves it. It attaches very easily to the stroller or car seat and keeps my baby cool! Power lasts really long, I haven’t charged it since i bought it and it’s been 10 days i have been using it.

Vendor provided the wall charger which will be very helpful to me. I also received the protective cover which is really the best thing to do if your baby tries to reach the fan. I am very happy with this funny it has been working really great for me and it is exactly what i was looking for!



Bladeless Air Cooler Table Fan with LED Lights

The bladeless table fan from CONBOLA is really chic. It has a beautiful and futuristic design with no visible blades. So, if you have a baby around, he will not hurt himself if he touches the blades out of curiosity.

This bladeless fan works in 4 modes. There are 3 speeds that you can change using a sensitive touch button. In addition, it has a natural wind mode, so you do not catch a cold at night. In addition, it features 5 colorful lights with gradient LED for a cool atmosphere and visibility at night.

Bladeless Table Fan with LED lights

Bladeless Table Fan with LED lights

PROS of CONBOLA Bladeless Portable Air Cooler Table Fan with LED Light:

  • Compact and portable – 11.8 x 4.8 x 3.8 inches, 1.28 pounds.
  • Fancy design – the bladeless fan has a modern design.
  • Touch control – it has a sensitive touch button to change wind speeds.
  • 4 modes – 3 wind speeds, soft, medium, and strong, and a natural wind mode – to be used for a night of safe sleep, not catching a cold at night.
  • LED decorative light: 5 colorful gradient LED lights for a cool atmosphere and visibility in the darkness.
  • Safety – there is no risk of someone being injured touching the blades.
  • Built-in rechargeable 2500mAh battery – fully charged battery lasts up to 3~6 hours (depending on different wind speeds).
  • USB charging – from a laptop, PC, car charger, power bank, etc.

Helpful Review: Oh, I am so grateful… For this little fan

I had a big tower fan that made a lot of noise… Buddy, bro… This is cute compactible… I can travel with it… It does not make a lot of noise… And puts out enough air… I do wish that it would tilt so that I could adjust the airflow… I also wish it had an a hard off button… The often on button is too sensitive… For what I need for what I use this fan for… Hot flashes… But all in all eight out of 10 will recommend… Also, I have ordered a couple in different colors… Cute Decor… It doubles as a mood lamp… And when you see that it puts out cool air… Oh boy what a good time I do, wish it had a carrying case

Natasha t. Cade


Metal Mini (4”) USB Portable Desk Fan

This portable mini desk fan (4″) in metal design works at only one speed, but thanks to its brushless motor, it is really, really quiet. It comes in 5 different colors – classic white and black, baby pink, navy blue, and retro bronze. The fan body can be rotated 360 degrees and is adjustable – up and down.

Metal Mini (4'') USB Desk Fan

Metal Mini (4”) USB Desk Fan

PROS of Mini (4”) USB Portable Desk Fan with Metal Design:

  • Very small and light – 5.98 x 5.98 x 3.86 inches, 13.7 ounces.
  • Metal design – full metal construction: full metal enclosure, with a fan grill narrow enough to protect fingers.
  • Easy cleaning – simple enough to disassemble for cleaning.
  • 5 colors – you may choose from white, black, pink, blue, and bronze.
  • Very quiet – because of the DC brushless motor design.
  • 1 mode – the mini fan operates at only one mode and speed.
  • USB Powered: it comes with a 3 ft USB cable to be powered by a laptop, a power bank, an adapter, and other USB-enabled devices.

Helpful Review: Love my little desk fan!

I honestly never knew how much I need this little fan until my new job. I saw a coworker with one and I thought wow I get hot sometimes when working and I needed something to help cool me down. So, I was like I’m going to find one to match my desk decor & this little thing is amazing! I even bought it used and it’s perfect ❄️?



Office Mini USB Desk Fan

This mini USB desk fan with a brushed copper design is really charming. The copper finish gives it an antique look that is perfect for modern or classic office spaces. Like the previous fan, it operates at only one speed. The fan head can also be tilted to direct the airflow in the desired direction.

Brushed Copper USB Desk Fan

Brushed Copper USB Desk Fan

PROS of HOLMES Heritage 4-Inch Mini USB Desk Fan, Brushed Copper:

  • Very small and light – 4.1 x 4.2 x 6.1 inches, 14.4 ounces.
  • Brushed Copper – a touch of classic elegance – the copper finish adds an antique look, perfect for contemporary or classic office spaces.
  • 1 mode – the mini fan operates at only one mode and speed.
  • USB Powered: it comes with a 3 ft USB cable powered by a laptop, a power bank, an adapter, and other USB-enabled devices.

Helpful Review: Handsome little retro desk fan

When I saw this cunning little fan on Amazon, my heart went out to it. Charming, retro style, compact size–but would that little base make it unstable? It arrived today, and the base I has enough weight for stability, and also a nice rubbery pad on the bottom. It’s even cuter than I expected, and is not noisy, considering it’s a little fan moving a fair amount of air. The only noise is a steady hum, none of the annoying rattles of my last small fan.



These are the 8 desk fans that I recommend for 2024. There are diverse design features: Fans are made of plastic or metal and come in various color options. There are various ways to power them: via a wall outlet, via a USB port, or via batteries.

The range of options to place them is also wide – on a desk or table, on a wall, in a window frame, attached to a shelf or stroller with a clip, attached to a railing with a tripod, a crib, your beach chair, etc.

In the selection above, I have added one misting fan. These fans work better in places with dry climates because they make the air more humid and can also add a nice scent. I hope my desk fans’ recommendations will help you find one that meets your needs and expectations.

  • Bestseller – Small, Quiet, Powerful, and Cheap Desk Fan – Honeywell
  • Mini USB 360° Rotating Desk Fan – Gaiatop
  • Clip-on Desk Fan – USB & Battery Powered – SkyGenius
  • Cooling Mister Desk Fan with a Nightlight – EGTWO
  • Mini Stroller Fan with a Flexible Tripod – GUSGU
  • Bladeless Air Cooler Table Fan with LED Lights – CONBOLA
  • Metal Mini (4”) USB Portable Desk Fan – VEARMOAD
  • Office Mini USB Desk Fan – HOLMES

Types of Table Fans

Desk fans are usually small, but they differ in their rotation and mounting options and their power supply – they can be battery-powered, plugged into a nearby outlet, or connected to a laptop via a USB port.

Rotary or Stationary Desk Fans

The starting point when looking for a portable table fan is what exactly you need it for?

If you want to cool an entire room, you should opt for a large, rotating fan that blows in different directions. If you want to take the portable table fan to various places and use it only for yourself, you should buy a small stationary fan.

Fixed-head (Stationary) Desk Fans

Fixed head table fans do not rotate about their vertical axis. They are stationary. They do not rotate, but their head can be adjusted up and down to a desired angle. Once you set the angle of the head, the fan blows directly in the chosen direction.

Stationary table fans are usually small and are not used to cool an entire room. They are designed to direct a fresh stream of air directly to you for instant cooling.

Rotating (Oscillating) Table fans

Rotating (oscillating and tilting) table fans rotate on their axis – some up to 360 degrees, others less. Their heads can also be set at different angles (tilt, rotation).

Oscillating (rotating and tilting) table fans direct the airflow in various directions and can refresh a larger area in the room. Once you stop the rotation, the fan operates as a stationary fan.

Attachment Options – Clips and Tripods

Portable table fans are designed to be placed on a table or desk, but some smaller fans can also be attached to an object with a clip or tripod.

Misting Desk Fans

Misting desk fans are recommended for places with dry air and hot climates. They work like regular fans but use additional water. They have a built-in reservoir that can be filled with water or even ice.

The cool water exits through special misting nozzles, and the fan blows a fine spray into the air. The mist that is blown into the air consists of tiny water droplets. If they are very small, they evaporate in the air immediately after spraying, and this gives the desired cooling effect.

The process of water evaporation requires energy, and this energy comes from the heat in the air (thermal energy). When the heat energy in the air is used for evaporation, the temperature of the air decreases, and we feel the cooling breeze.

Mister fans can also be used as humidifiers. Mister fans usually have night lights in different colors. When you wake up at night, you have discreet lighting that does not disturb your sleep and allows you to see in the dark.

What to Consider Buying a Desk Fan?

Besides the features we mentioned above, take into consideration the size, design, noise, and power of the desk fans.

Size – Large or Mini Table Fans

Desk fans are small by default. If you want to use a desk fan in a specific room and do not plan to move it from one place to another, you can choose a large fan. It will also be quiet.

If you need a portable desk fan as part of your personal equipment, such as a laptop and mouse, and if you frequently move from one workspace to another, then it is better to choose a smaller desk fan. Your laptop’s USB port powers the small desk fan, which is located close to you.


Because you will hear the fan’s noise constantly when you use it, it always matters. As a rule, the smaller the fan, the louder it is. If the fan is huge and has large blades, it should be quieter.

If the fan operates at a higher speed, it will also be noisier. Some powerful fans have a turbo mode. In this mode, they work at maximum power to create a huge airflow and cool a room quickly. They are noisy in this mode, but they should be used in turbo mode only for a short time—until they freshen up the air in the room—and then switched to another mode.

Other fans have a night mode; they produce a light draft and are very quiet. Some fans have a noise reduction mode, which can be very useful if you are sensitive to noise, such as during a digital meeting.

We recommend a fan with a noise level of 25-35 dB or less. This value is usually specified in the product specifications.


Electric fans require power to operate. If you plan to use the desk fan in different places and even outdoors, you should choose a table fan that runs on batteries—replaceable or rechargeable.

If you need the portable table fan mainly indoors—in the office or at home – you have two other options: You can plug it into a nearby power outlet or connect the fan to your laptop via a USB port.:

  • Check if there is a power outlet near the place where you want to place the fan.
  • If there is no outlet nearby, it may be inconvenient to cross wires that are lying around.
  • Also, consider whether the cord is long enough.

The power of a fan depends on its output. It is measured in watts and depends on the diameter of the blades. Normally, a 10-cm fan has a power of 10 watts, while a 30-cm fan has a power of 40 watts. The larger fans have better performance and stronger airflow.

The power of portable table fans varies, as there is a wide range of models. As a rule, it ranges from 4 watts (for the smallest) to several tens or hundreds of watts (for the larger models). Power capacity is a criterion that determines the strength of the airflow.


The airflow of the table fan is another key point to consider when choosing the right fan for your needs. It is measured in cubic meters per minute or cubic meters per hour (CBM / CBH). The airflow of portable table fans usually ranges from 15 m³/min (less efficient) to 150 m³/min (more efficient). The higher the value, the more powerful the fan’s airflow.

Desk fans are designed to be small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Therefore, they are not as powerful and usually do not produce as strong gusts as professional fans.

When determining the required airflow, you should be guided by the size of the room in which the fan will be used. Also, consider whether you need to cool the entire room or if the fan will be directed directly at you.

Where to use?

Table fans are designed for use at home and in the office, but the ones with additional attachments can be used in various scenarios: on the beach, camping, grilling, on a picnic, in the garden, etc.