About me

melissa portablefan2

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my site – the world of portable fans. I am a technology lover who likes to test gadgets and home appliances.

I love to know how gadgets work, weigh pros and cons, test them personally and find some useful tips and tricks to share with other people.

All of us who live in hot climates and travel to hot places need these little gadgets to stay cool and enjoy every single day outdoors and indoors.

I love being outdoors, but on hot summer days when I am out with my sons, dog, or friends, I desperately need refreshment – now!

As a woman, I pay attention not only to functionality, but also to design. I love stylish and fancy gadgets that fit my daily style. I hope my blog is helpful for other people who are wondering which fan to buy because there is a wide variety of options, designs, features, mounting options, etc.

Enjoy the blog and have fun with me!