8 Best Neck Fans of 2024 [ACTUALLY Tested out of 30]

Neck fans are my cooling relief on sizzling summer days when temperatures rise, and the air becomes humid and sticky. Whether I am walking with my friends, playing with my dog, on vacation, or taking a trip, I need the cool breeze to chill me and help me survive the scorching heat.

If you’re someone who needs a little cool air to power through meetings and deadlines, you’ll need a portable fan with fast USB charging that can travel with you.

Which Are the Best Neck Fans in 2024?

I have personally tested more than 30 neck fans. Out of them, I have picked the top 8 fans and cooling air conditioners for kids, teenagers, and adults to help you choose your lifesaver in the sultry summer in different scenarios: cooking, fishing, running, camping, grilling (BBQ), resting at home or working at the office, etc. You can easily see them in the table below and pick the one you like.



Most Powerful - 4 TURBO Fan


TORRAS Coolify

Portable Air Conditioner



Mini Neck Fan for Running



Instant Cooler with a Large Battery 



360° Rotation Fan



Portable Neck Fan for Kids



Necklace Fan (Handheld) 108° Rotation



15 Colors and Paterns

How did I Select?

I have experience with different neck fans over time. Some of them have already been discontinued, and new ones are appearing on the market.

So, from time to time, I research if there are new coolers available, and I decide which ones to test, taking into account their price, cooling options, durability, materials, and average customer rating of four stars.

I’ve personally tested over 30 neck fans so far. And I’ve chosen the top 8 from among them to help you choose your lifesaver in various scenarios this summer.

The Best Neck Fans in 2024

Here are the recommended neck fans in 2024 with different designs and options – so you can choose the one that suits your needs.


Most Powerful

JISULIFE Four Turbo Neck Fan


JISULIFE Four Turbo Neck Fan is one of the most powerful neck fans. Besides regular neck fans with only 2 turbines, the JISULIFE Four Turbo Neck Fan works with 4 turbines – 2 on each side. There are 2 front turbines for strong airflow and 2 rear ones for soft airflow.

Another advantage of this powerful neck fan is that it is quiet, thanks to the built-in brushless motors. Due to the advanced air duct design, it is also safe for people with long hair and children.

Another plus is its fast charging- it can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours. The rechargeable battery has a large capacity of 4000 mAh, enough for an entire day (3-7 hours).



  • Very quiet - 31 dB at speed 1

  • Adjustable - the band is flexible, made of rubber - you can move both ends apart and close

  • 360° cooling - you can twist the ends to direct the airflow towards desired parts of the face and neck

  • 3 modes / speeds

  • Easy operation - 1 button to select the desired speed and turn the fan on and off

  • LED indication for battery status

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • up to 8 hours battery life

  • 4 hours charging time (10W)

  • not so strong airflow - wind speed 2 m/s

  • only 3 color options

Key specs

Product informationJISULIFE Four Turbo Neck Fan
Dimensions2.3 x 7.7 x 8.7 inches
59 x 197 x 223 mm
Weight0.75 pounds
11.3 ounces
340 grams
Battery capacity4000 mAh
Battery life3-7 hours
Charging time3-4 hours
Speed wind (MAX)3 m/s
Noise level50 dB
Colors3 – green, gray, and pink
Air outlets60
Input5.0V / 2.0A MAX
Power7W MAX
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableNovember 24, 2021


Portable Air Conditioner

TORRAS Coolify

TORRAS Coolify

TORRAS Coolify is the only neck fan in this selection that does not only blow air but actually decreases the temperature on the neck with 18°F / 10°C in just 3 seconds and therefore runs as a portable air conditioner.

How does TORRAS Coolify work?

The cooling technology runs with a built-in 0.9 x 0.9-inch ceramic semiconductor radiator (the Ku-Peltier radiator). The heat energy is exchanged through a semiconductor cooling plate, which should lie on the back of the neck. The cold is transferred from the metal plate to the skin within 3 seconds and lowers your body temperature by 18°F immediately!

Upgraded air ventilation – Coolify’s 3D Airflow Design

Another key feature of TORRAS Coolify is the upgraded air ventilation – Coolify’s 3D Airflow Design to provide an intense cooling experience. The air exits through 36 vents. The upward vents (70%) blow cool air toward the face, while the downward vents (30%) cool the skin on the back of the neck.

TORRAS Coolify  air conditioner
135 degrees airflow adjustment

Silicone material allows you to adjust the airflow direction to the most comfortable angle for you. An exclusive air duct is adopted for the first time, and a three-dimensional wind can be realized from 360 ° vertical direction (Patented vertical ventilation).

TORRAS Coolify  3 seconds cool down
Extremely powerful for an intense cooling experience

The portable air conditioner runs with 2 turbines of 60 enlarged blades adopting a super powerful 5000 rmp dual-core high-speed motor design. All these, combined with the 36 expanded wind outlets, increase the wind speed by 214% to provide an intense cooling experience.

TORRAS Coolify  3x volume with 3d airflow
Safe bladeless and handsfree design

TORRAS Coolify adopts a fashionable, hands-free, bladeless design that is safe for kids and people with long hair. Its portable air conditioner keeps your hands free while providing cooling relief.

Battery capacity and life at a single charge

TORRAS Coolify neck fan is powered by a huge 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that supplies the cooler with energy for 8 hours of use at speed level 1. The fan supports fast charging (5V2A). There is a 3-segment LED light indicator to keep you informed of the remaining power.

TORRAS Coolify  all day cool in one charge
Extremely quiet

The portable AC is extremely quiet. It is equipped with a new advanced DC mute motor, and the operating noise is suppressed to 31 decibels.



  • Instant cooling - a metal plate cools the back your neck by 18°F in just 3 seconds

  • Semiconductor cooling technology - it cools down the airflowbowing towards you face and neck

  • Large battery (4000 mAh)

  • 2,5 hours charging time - fast charging supported

  • 3 speeds

  • Two modes - a fan mode (without cooling) and cooling mode

  • Adjustable neckband with a shape memory

  • LED indication for battery status

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Luxury design

  • A little bit heavier than competitive fans (12,3 oz.)

  • Only two color options

  • No heating option

  • Golden coating can wear off

  • 8 hours battery life at a single charge (fan mode only at speed 1)

  • 2 hours battery life at cooing mode

Key specs

Product informationTORRAS CoolifyPortable Air Conditioner
Dimensions7.87 x 5.9 x 1.18 inches
Weight12.3 ounces
Battery capacity4000 mAh
Battery life8 hours
Charging time2.5 hours
Noise level31 dB
Air outlets36
Colors2 – back and white
Input5V 2A
Customer Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableMarch 30, 2021March 17, 2021


Mini Neck Fan for Running

Mini Neck Fan with a Sleek Design for Running

JISULIFE Mini Neck Fan (flexible hose)

This mini-neck fan with a sleek design is the perfect choice for those who love running and jogging. The mini cooler is designed with a flexible band that you can easily twist and roll. So, placed on your neck after a mile of running, you will not feel any need to move the fan. And you will always find a place for it in your bag or backpack.

The powerful airflow is generated by two turbines with 120 blades on each side, designed as wind collectors. The air enters through an air inlet with 40 holes. The cool air exits through 2 air outlets, each with 4 ducts – a large air duct that directs the air towards the face and a second, smaller one that blows towards the neck.

The total area of the air duct is larger compared to other models. You can rotate the heads 360° and also adjust the position of the outlets to direct the cool breeze in the desired direction. The fan operates at 4 speeds and reaches a wind speed of 3.5 m/s (Max).

JISULIFE’s personal neck fan is powered by a 2000 mAh battery – big enough to keep you cool for 3-8 hours, depending on the wind speed you choose. The battery charges in 2.5-3.5 hours via a USB adapter or via a laptop, power bank, car charger, etc. A Type-C charging cable is included in the package.



  • Small and lightweight – only 0.55lb.

  • 360° rotating heads

  • Flexible neckband

  • Suitable for sports

  • Safe - bladeless design

  • 3 speeds

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Not so long Battery life - 3 to 8 hours

  • Only 3 color options

Key specs

Product informationJISULIFE Mini Neck Fan
Dimensions2.48 x 2.8 x 1.65 inches
Weight0.55 lb
8.9 ounces
Battery capacity2000 mAh
Battery life8 hours
Charging time2.5 – 3.5 hours
Wind speed Max3,5 m/s
Colors3 – grey, green, brown
Input5V 1A
Customer Rating4.0 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableDecember 22, 2021


Instant Cooler

The SWEETFULL neck fan boasts an extremely long battery lifeup to 16 hours on a single charge, powered by a 4000 mAh battery. It is extremely quiet with a very low noise levelless than 31 dB due to the built-in brushless motor.

I strongly recommend SWEETFULL neck fan because of these two important advantages – a long battery life and low noise.

SWEETFULL neck fan  with new tech turb structure

Another key feature is the new tech turb structure for immediate cooling – in just 3 seconds.



  • Lightweight – 10.4 ounces.

  • Safe - bladeless design

  • 360° cooling experience

  • Get cool in 3 seconds – a new tech turb structure for instant cool relief

  • Extremely long battery life - up to 16 hours at speed 1

  • Large battery (4000 mAh)

  • 3 speeds

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Luxury design

  • Only three color options

  • No rotating or bending

Key specs

Product informationSWEETFULL Neck Fan
Dimensions9 x 7 x 2.5 inches
17.78 x 22.86 x 6.35 cm
Weight0.65 pounds
10.4 ounces
294.84 grams
Battery capacity4000 mAh
Battery life4-16 hours
Charging time4.5 hours
Noise level31 dB
Colors3 – black, white, and pink
Input5V 1A
Customer Rating4.3 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableMarch 17, 2021



Haomaomao Neck Fan Powerful bladed neck fan

Powerful bladed neck fan

Haomaomao Neck Fan creates a powerful airflow due to the 7-leaf design of the blades – so the airflow is much more powerful compared to most of the other neck fans that have a 3-leaf design of the blades.

If you have long hair, be cautious and tie it up, as it can wrap around the blades. The fan is lightweight (180 grams) and is powered by a 2500 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of of use at Speed 1.

Another advantage of this fan is the ability to adjust the fan heads to blow in a desired direction (360 degrees). There is an LED indicator that flashes blue and red to let you know if the fan is operating, charging, fully charged, or low battery.



  • Small and lightweight – only 6.3 ounces

  • 360° rotating heads

  • Powerful airflow – the blades have a 7-leaf design for much more powerful airflow compared to competitive fans with a 3-leaf design of the blades

  • Long battery life - up to 12 hours at speed 1

  • 3 speeds

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Not safe for people with along hair

Key specs

Product informationHaomaomao Neck Fan
Dimensions1.2 x 7 x 5.5 inches
Weight‎180 grams
6.3 ounces
Battery capacity2500 mAh
Battery life4-12 hours
Blade length2 centimeters
Blade materialPlastic
Colors4 – black, white, pink, and blue
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableJune 4, 2019


For Kids

ICEBIRDS - neck cooler for children

ICEBIRDS – neck cooler for children

This hanging mini fan was designed by a team of 30 designers specifically for children. The process took 180 days with repeated considerations and changes, 52 times from hand painting to modeling.

The sunflower decoration in each box can be made on the surface of the hanging neck fan itself. Children can design their own fans as they like and restore them at any time, leaving no trace. Cartoon modeling with DIY design can stimulate children’s inspiration and bring more fun.

Safety first – this personal fan for kids works with two hidden turbines (bladeless design) without any risk of hurting or harming them. It is powered by two 900 mAh batteries with a total capacity of 1800 mAh for 3-6 hours of work (depending on the speed).

The mini cooler for kids runs at three speeds – 3 hours at the fastest, 4 hours at the medium, and 5.5 hours at the lowest. The fan is recommended for children over 6 or elegant women with a narrow neck.



  • Designed for children

  • Vivid and cheerful colors

  • Safe - bladeless design

  • Small and light - 260 grams

  • 360° rotating heads

  • Flexible neckband

  • 3 speeds

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Not so long battery life - 3 to 6 hours

Key specs

Product informationICEBIRD Personal Mini Neck Fan for Kids
Dimensions‎7.01 x 7.52 x 2.44 inches
Weight260 grams
9.2 ounces
Battery capacity1800 mAh
Battery life3 – 6 hours
Customer Rating4.3 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableApril 6, 2021


Necklace Fan (Handheld)

OUTXE 3350mAh Necklace Fan

OUTXE 3350mAh Necklace Fan

OUTXE 3350mAh Necklace Fan is a mini fan that can be worn around the neck like a necklace for hands-free use. It is small and lightweight and fits in any bag or backpack. It is available in two cheerful colors – green and pink.

It is powered by a large battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh providing energy for up to 12 hours of use. The mini fan runs at 3 speeds – hanging on the neck or folded and placed on a table while you relax or sleep.

OUTXE 3350mAh Necklace Fan - 3 use cases - neck, handheld, desk



  • Small and light - 4.3 ounces

  • 360° rotating heads

  • Flexible neckband

  • 3 speeds

  • Fragrance – you may add aroma to have the air refreshed with a nice smell

  • LED Night Light & 7 Colorful Flashing – there are 3 lighting options: 7 colorful lights,
    night light snd no light.

  • Handsfree or handheld design - can be worn hanging on the neck and also can be hold in hand

  • Standing option

  • Only two color options

Key specs

Product informationOUTXE 3350mAh Necklace Fan
Dimensions‎3.54 x 5.04 x 1.1 inches
Weight4.3 ounces
122 grams 8.9 ounces
Battery capacity3000 mAh
Battery life12 hours
Colors3 – green, pink
Input5V 1A
Customer Rating4.4 out of 5 stars


15 Colors & Patterns

FrSara Colorful Neck Fan (adjustable size) a neck fan with 15 color options and patterns

FrSara Colorful Neck Fan (adjustable size)

FrSara Neck Fan impresses with the wide variety of color options and patterns. If you need a fancy fan that fits your daily style and expresses your summer mood – choose yours. The band is flexible and adjustable and is made of silicone – to fit any neck size and need and not slip.

The shape of the air outlets is unique and combined with the power of 60-blade turbines – the power of the airflow is increased by 90% for instant cooling for just 3 seconds.



  • Small and light - 190 g. / 6.7 ounces

  • 360° surround cooling design

  • Adjustable neckband made of flexible silicone (softer and more durable):

  • 3 speeds

  • Safe - bladeless design

  • 15  color options and patterns

  • Handsfree design

  • Headphone design

  • Not so long battery life - 4 - 10 hours

Key specs

Product informationFrSara Colorful Neck Fan
Dimensions2.48 x 2.8 x 1.65 inches
8.82 x 5.75 x 2.52 inches
Battery capacity2400 mAh
Battery life4-10 hours
Charging time0.5-3 hours
Colors15 colors and patterns
Input5V 1A
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableNovember 20, 2020

What to consider when buying a personal neck fan

Who will use the neck fan?

There is a large variety of fans for adults in a broad range of colors and patterns. But take into account that there are neck coolers specially designed for kids. They are smaller in size and with a cartoon design.

Where do you plan to use the neck fan?

Many people use their neck fan in various situations – at home in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room with a book, outdoor barbecuing, at the beach, camping, etc.

However, if you want to use the portable neck fan for more active activities such as running, the most popular fans can be uncomfortable because they come with a hard belt. After a mile or more, you will feel the need to attach the fan to another part of your neck.

scenarios for using a neck fan

For such occasions, you’d better take a neck fan with a flexible band. These neck fans are usually smaller and lighter and do not cause discomfort, even during intense sports.

Size of the personal neck fan

Some neck fans come with a flexible hose (adjustable band) made of silicone. However, most coolers have a solid body, and here the risk is in size. Fans for children are smaller and suitable for ladies with small necks.

But if you are bigger, you’d better take a fan with a flexible band – so that it really fits you.

Design – a bladeless, bladed, or hanging neckband fan?

Popular neck coolers adopt a headphone design and, because of that, can be used hands-free. There are two types of design – bladed (left pic) and bladeless (right picture).

As you can see in the pictures – the major difference is regarding the blades. The bladed fans have visible blades, while the bladeless don’t. They operate with turbines hidden inside the body.

The hanging necklace fans are mini fans hanging on the neck via a cord. Some of them are folding and can also be held in hand or placed on a surface.


Bladeless fans are safer for kids and people with long hair as they can wrap around the blades if you use a bladed neck fan.

Adjustability of the neck fans

Fans with a flexible band allow 360-degree rotation of the cooling heads. This is convenient because it allows you to manually direct the flow of cooling air to the desired location. There are additional options for directing the airflow:

Powerful airflow

Bladeless fans are more powerful due to their open design and produce a powerful blast of wind. Bladeless fans use smaller turbines, and the cooling breeze exits through small air channels on the body.

Speed gears

Flexibility in setting the desired wind speed is important because the higher the speed, the higher the energy consumption. If you choose a lower speed, you will reduce power consumption and save energy for a longer battery life on a single charge.

Battery life and charging

Neck fans are battery operated and are powered by rechargeable batteries with capacities ranging from – 1800 mAh to 6000 mAh. Battery life depends on the speed but usually ranges from 3 to 17 hours.

If the fan is powered by replaceable batteries, you can charge and carry extra batteries in case they are needed.

How noisy portable neck fans are?

Bladeless portable neck fans are quieter, as they run with built-in brushless motors. On the contrary, the bladed fans are noisier due to their open design.

Color options

Most of the fans available on the market come in 2-3 color options. But there are neck coolers in 15 color patterns. If you need a certain fancy color to match your style – there is a choice.

As you can see, choosing the right fan is not that easy. I covered the most important key features you should consider when buying a neck fan, and I hope this is helpful for you. Neck fans provide instant cooling on hot summer days – enjoy summer indoors and outdoors with your neck fan.

What is a neck fan – a basic overview for beginners?

Neck fans are portable fans that can be worn around the neck. They are light and small and fit in any bag or backpack. They are battery-operated and can be charged via a USB port in various places – in the car, at home, at the office, at the beach, camping, etc.

Portable neck fans provide instant cooling relief by blowing chilly air onto key pulse points on the face and neck. So, you can enjoy a walk in the burning summer heat with your pet, kids, or friends, go jogging, run, travel, etc.

Here are the key features you should consider when you plan to buy a fan for your neck:

Types of personal neck fans

There are two major types of neck coolers from a design point of view: fans with a headphones design and hanging fans.

Fans for the neck with a headphones design

Most common wearable fans look like a modern pair of headphones. They have a horseshoe or U-shaped design. They are usually narrow at the bottom of the “U”-shape and widen at the ends where fan turbines are housed. There are two types of neck coolers with headphone design:

  • Bladed neck fans – with visible and touchable blades. They look like two small fans connected with a band.
  • Bladeless neck fans – without visible and touchable blades. They look like a headphone set, and the turbines are hidden inside the body of the device – you can neither see nor touch them.
Bladeless neck coolers

As you can see in the picture above, bladeless neck fans are stylish and fancy, with a headphone design. Chilly air passes through many air outlets on the fan’s body to reach the face and neck and cool them. Bladeless neck fans are recommended for people with long hair and children, as there is no risk of injury from contact with the blades. 

Bladed neck coolers

The bladed neck coolers have an open-leaf design. They look like two small normal fans connected with a U-shaped flexible band. They are more powerful and have a stronger airflow that creates a powerful gust of wind.

The bladed fan heads are usually 360 degrees adjustable – you can rotate them to direct the airflow in the desired position.

Due to their open design and higher power, fans with blades in the neck are usually louder. They are not recommended for people with long hair because the hair can wrap around the blades.


Hanging necklace fans

Hanging neck fans are also worn on the neck. The fan wings are in a small plastic box with openings through which the cold air flows, and the fan body hangs on a cord around the neck. Some of them can be folded and placed on a flat surface.

Are neck coolers battery-operated?

Portable coolers are designed to be easily portable and used outdoors. For this purpose, they require an internal and autonomous power supply. They are battery-operated and are usually powered by rechargeable batteries.

The battery capacity varies from 2000 to 6000 mAh. If you plan to use the portable cooler for a whole day, you should fully charge the battery. This usually takes 3-4 hours. If there is a possibility to replace the battery, take a few more fully charged batteries with you – just in case.

Battery life varies from 3 to 17 hours, depending on battery capacity and the selected power/speed, which affects power consumption. To charge the batteries, you need a USB cable and a port or a charger.

Do personal neck fans create a powerful airflow?

Bladed fans operate with a stronger airflow due to the open-blade design. Fans with bladeless designs run with small turbines, and the cold air exits through small air outlets, but there are powerful bladeless models with 4 turbines.

Increase the fan speed to create a strong airflow, but note that this will affect battery life. The higher the speed, the lower the battery life. Also, these coolers are powered by rechargeable batteries. You can charge the battery in the car, in the office, or at home.

Are neck coolers quiet or noisy?

Most of the wearable fans are quiet and emit whisper-like noise. A few producers declare the amount of noise produced by the fan in decibels. SWEETFULL Neck Cooler is extremely quiet, with noise emitted less than 45 dB.

Bladeless neck fans are usually quieter as they run with built-in brushless motors. Bladed neck fans are noisier because of their open leaf design, and also bigger and more powerful heads.

Are fans for neck portable air conditioners?

Normal neck fans create air circulation, but without lowering the air temperature so significantly, as air conditioners do. However, there are also fans that work like portable air conditioners. These are much more expensive.

These neck coolers use semiconductor cooling technology to create a temperature difference that provides instant cooling (3 seconds). The built-in semiconductor cooling chip can lower the neck temperature to as low as 12 degrees, and this also lowers the body temperature. 

Are neck fans cheap or expensive?

Neck coolers are not expensive. Their price varies up to $35. Portable neck air conditioners are much more expensive at around $135, as they have innovative built-in cooling technology and can actually lower the temperature.

Are portable neck fans safe to use?

Bladeless neck fans and hanging necklace fans are safer than bladed neck fans. Their design minimizes the risk of injury from touching the blades or wrapping hair over the blades.

Are fans around neck hands-free?

All types of neck fans are freehand. Since they are worn around the neck, you do not have to hold the fan and have your hands free for other activities. This is very convenient when you are out and about – sightseeing, walking a pet or stroller, jogging, etc.

Besides warn on the neck, these coolers can be placed on a flat surface to blow directly on the desired body part, leaving your hands free. There is a wide range of neck coolers on the market, and you can choose the best option taking into account the design, cooling capacity and price.

Are neck cooling fans easy to use?

Portable neck fans are easy to operate. There are buttons to turn the unit on and off, and a button to set the desired speed. All you have to do is place the cooler on your neck, turn it on, select the speed option and enjoy the refreshing breeze hands-free.

Are neck fans good for children?

Bladeless fans are safe for children. However, there are neck coolers specially designed for kids that are very light and easy to wear, in fresh and fancy colors. For safety reasons, they are designed without exposed fan blades and with hidden turbines – the typical headphone looks.

Who can use a neck cooler?

Everyone can use a wearable fan – adults, kids, teenagers, old people, gardeners, workers outdoors, sport fans and sportsmen – joggers, runners, golfers, fisherman, people on a vacation or a trip, sightseeing, campers, making BBQ, on a walk with a pet, kid, friends, etc.

Personal neck fans are so easy to use and the convenience to be used hands free makes the good for many activities in motion.

Are fans for neck comfortable for jogging or running?

For running, it is better to take a fan without visible blades for safety reasons. Most of them have a hard construction, and after a mile of running, they are a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable, forcing you to move the fan to another place on your neck.

That is why bladeless neck coolers with a flexible band are much more comfortable and feature a sleek design. They are not so popular, but they are specifically designed for more active performance during longer or faster runs.

Neck fans aren’t suitable for people who perform extreme, strenuous activities with many rapid movements and water sports. For example, fans for neck are not recommended for gymnasts, most athletes in sports games, cross-fit, or even yoga (the fans will likely fall off) and on roller coasters or in the water.

The neck fans recommended above have a unique design and can be used in different scenarios. So, you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. They are all small and can easily fit in any pocket, even the small ones.

  • The Most Powerful Neck Fan – JISULIFE Four Turbo
  • Bladeless Neck Fan – Instant Cooler – SWEETFULL
  • Bladed Neck Fan with a 360° Rotation – Haomaomao
  • Portable Air Conditioner – TORRAS Coolify
  • Mini Neck Fan with a Sleek Design for Running – JISULIFE
  • Necklace Fan (Handheld) 108° Rotation – OUTXE
  • Portable Neck Fan for Kids – ICEBIRDS
  • Neck Fan with 15 Colors & Patterns and Adjustable Size – FrSara
  • Flexible Neckband Fan – VEAMOR

Perfect for sports and all outdoor activities in hot weather – the cooling neck fans provide instant relief by lowering skin temperature. They are so quiet that they are suitable for the workplace in the office, on the subway, in the gym and so on.

Other fans to consider buying?

You live in a region with very hot and dry climates, consider buying a small misting fan, and for the office a mini desk fan.