11 Tips to Stay Cool at the Beach

Summertime means fun in the sun for almost everyone. Here are some useful and easy-to-follow tips – how to stay cool and safe in the summer heat at the beach while having fun and enjoying the sun, and games with friends and kids.

Plan Your Beach Stay

The best time of day to go to the beach is in the morning, especially between 8 and about 11 of clock. Between 12 and 3 of the clock, when its rays are strongest, the sun is at its strongest. However, for many people, the sun is too strong at this time, and people with sensitive skin may suffer burns and immediate damage.

Wear White or Light-colored Cotton Clothes

 We recommend cotton clothes and light-colored clothes in the summers. We sweat a lot in summer. Cotton is a good absorber of water. Thus, it absorbs sweat from our body and exposes the sweat to the atmosphere, making its evaporation faster.

woman on the beach

I prefer white clothes because they reflect most of the sun’s heat and absorb very little of it, keeping my body cool.

Stay in the shade

It can get very hot at the beach, and direct sunlight can cause overheating and skin damage. To stay cool, avoid sitting in the sun for too long. If possible, stay in the shade – under a parasol or under a tree.

If you use a parasol, try not to fall asleep because the shade moves as the sun changes position.

Use a beach hat!

Everyone wants to be stylish on the beach. We buy fancy swimwear and sunglasses, but often we leave out the hat. Yet a sun hat is not only an element of our beach look but also a weapon to beat the heat and stay safe on the beach.

A straw hat or a wide-brim sun hat can be stylish and comfortable for women. Men can opt for baseball caps and similar styles, but do not be afraid to try something new.

woman with a blue hat laying on the sand watching the sea

Make sure to buy hats for kids as well because it is especially important for them to stay cool. Giving your kids the opportunity to choose their favorite design will increase the likelihood that they will wear it throughout the day. Look for cute hats in bright colors to keep them cool and easier to spot.

Use a fan for an instant cool breeze on the beach!

We love the cooling breeze at the beach, but there are days when there is no wind at all. Salvation comes in the form of a fan. This is one of the oldest ways to stay cool in hot climates.

Stay cool and stylish on the beach with a chic hand fan

People have been using hand fans since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, servants fanned their masters with palm leaves. Later, hand fans were made of feathers and decorated with precious materials – ebony, gold, etc. – decorated.

Today we can choose from a variety of hand fans with different sizes and designs.

Use an electric fan to cool down hands-free.

There is no air conditioning at the beach, but you can take a portable air conditioner with you and feel the cool relief hands-free. You can use a neck cooler, a small fan with a headphone design, or a clip-on fan that attaches to your beach chair, umbrella, or table.

Mist fans are an option for places with very hot and dry climates. They use water evaporation to lower the ambient temperature. These portable fans are battery-operated. So, make sure the batteries are fully charged and take extra batteries for replacement.

10000mAh-Battery-Operated-Misting-Fan-with-Clip-7 3

Use Efficient Sunscreen

When planning your beach time, be sure to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and other sun protection products! Use a sunscreen that meets your specific needs, such as a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher if you are staying under a beach umbrella.

The sunscreen should be applied liberally to the entire body. Be sure to reapply sunscreen regularly, especially when you’re in the sand or water! Apply a new layer every 2 hours or when it’s washed away in the water. 

Be Well-Hydrated

Water is key to staying cool at the beach. Be sure to drink plenty of cold water and avoid alcohol if you’re uncomfortable with its effects.

Light drinks are great for staying hydrated at the beach. Choose drinks that won’t make you too thirsty or cause nausea. Be sure to avoid alcohol, which can have negative effects on your body and mind.

This is an important factor in staying protected from the sun while at the beach. Use a sunscreen that meets your specific needs, such as a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. And be sure to reapply regularly, especially when you’re in the sand!

cocktail on the beach

Use ICE!

Using ice is a shortcut to instant cooling. You can add ice to your water bottle, cocktail, or tea, and you can also add it to the water tank of your atomizer.

You can put ice cubes directly on your body and face or on your pulse points (neck, elbows, wrists, and back of the knees). This will cause an immediate cooling and lowering of the body temperature.

Go into the water!

Water play is a surefire way to cool off quickly. If you are at the beach with friends or kids, you can play in the water and have fun while cooling off instantly.

Do not stay in the water too long, though, as you’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, and the sunscreen will wear off. You can refresh yourself and return to the shade.

Use cooling towel

Water evaporation is an ancient cooling method used in Egypt and Persia. A cooling towel made wet (preferably with cool water) not only gives you immediate relief but continues to cool as the water evaporates. If you are wearing a T-shirt, you can also wet it with cool water.

Recognize heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion can occur when a person’s body cannot cool down quickly enough. Muscle cramps, weakness, wooziness, headaches, nausea, and vomiting are all signs of heat exhaustion. If you notice someone showing signs of overheating, take them to a cooler area, let them rest for a while, and then give them a cool drink to sip gently. If they do not feel better, get them medical help right away.

Stay in the shade, wear a beach hat, and use a fan to protect yourself from the sun in hot weather. It’s also important to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol if you feel uncomfortable to avoid heat exhaustion. Use sunscreen to cover your entire body and enjoy the warm weather!