10 Cool Ideas for a Perfect Picnic

Everyone loves spending time with their family and friends and enjoying nature by eating quality fresh food. A picnic is all you need to make this wish come true – what could be better than sitting on a blanket in a park or by a lake, surrounded by your favorite people, pets, food and drinks.

But planning a picnic is not easy, and without advance planning, the relaxing dining experience can turn into stress in an instant. There are some important points to keep in mind if you want to shine with a perfect appearance.

The spontaneous desire to go out usually comes when it’s warm outside – on spring, summer and fall days. Therefore, it is important to stay cool and hydrated, prepare cool drinks, store food properly, provide cooling – a misting or neck fan – apply sunscreen regularly and plan entertainment, etc.

Choose the right location

The first thing to consider is the location – where exactly do you want to have the picnic. It can be in a park, by a lake, on a peach, or even in your backyard… There are no limits, but all these options require different preparations.

Make a list of all you need to prepare

When people prepare for a desired event, they usually get excited. And when the excitement arises, they unintentionally omit important details in the process of preparation. To avoid such a mistake, make a list of what you need. You will be surprised that as time goes by, you will come up with more and more ideas.

Stay cool

If you plan your picnic in a sweltering summertime, staying cool should be one of the most important items in your list. You have to consider how to provide cooling relief for your guests and how to keep cool the drinks and food.


There are various cooling solutions, but usually, people take a portable battery-operated misting fan with a water tank with the option to add ice to the water. There are different types of misting systems. Those designed to cool a garden, patio, or around the pool are usually supplied with water through a hose and are powered directly from the electric grid.

But when you are away from home, you need independent water and power supply. And as you will probably have a lot of luggage, take a fan on wheels. If you plan to go for a walk around, you may take neck fans. They hang around your neck, and your hands remain free for other activities or entertainment.

Keep drinks and food cool

Have your cooler ready. If you plan to picnic regularly during the summer, invest in a cooler on wheels to transport it. To keep food cool, chill it in the refrigerator before packing and keep it in the cooler until serving.

cold drinks for a Perfect Picnic

Keep things tidy by placing your food and drinks in a designated, shaded area.

Choose food that transports well

One of the most important things when planning your picnic menu is longevity. It’s important to choose foods that will last a while. Consider taking whole foods, such as meats, cheeses, olives, and jams, so that everyone can create their own perfect bite. Also, pack whole seasonal fruits for snacks.

Picnic meal

If there is an option for grilling in the chosen location – you can have an exciting BBQ party with lots of fun. If not, a pizza is always an option.

Stay well-hydrated

Since picnics usually take place in warm weather, taking iced tea and lemonade, which you can even spice up with fresh herbs like basil or mint, is strongly recommended. For cocktails, choose something light that you can make in advance so you don’t have to lug glasses or bottles to the park. Keep in mind that some sweet, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks will make you more thirsty and dehydrated.

Pack your stuff wisely

Start by filling the bottom of an insulated bag with frozen water bottles, and place the heaviest items and those that need to be refrigerated on top of the water bottles. Work your way up, packing the lightest and most delicate items last.

Things that can be kept at room temperature, such as a bag of French fries, also go last in the bag. Keep drinks in a separate insulated bag with ice.

Lighten your load

You’ll probably have a lot to lug around on picnic day. To make it easier, use a cart or food cart with wheels. It can be difficult to get to your destination without using something that rolls because the food in the bags will shift as you lug it from the car to the picnic site—plus, they’re heavy.

Choose a high-quality blanket

Another important factor in a successful picnic is the blanket you take. We recommend nice cotton blankets that hold their shape better when people are just lounging and hanging out. Also, put a large tarp underneath to keep the blanket from getting dirty.

Plan entertainment

A picnic is all about spending time with friends and loved ones and creating lasting memories. Don’t just think about the food, but pack games and activities to share. The entertainment options vary depending on the chosen location. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all the great memories.

games for a Perfect Picnic

Something as simple as a Bluetooth speaker and a football or Frisbee to throw around can add a special touch to your picnic. Play a round of freeze tag or hide and seek. Kids love to run and play with their parents, find different types and colors of leaves, sing songs, run around and talk about life issues, go fishing, play a board game on the blanket, and have a water balloon fight.